Today is Social Enterprise Day, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, it is a day to celebrate Social Enterprises and the inspiring entrepreneurs behind them.  As the co-founder of a pioneering charity called Gig-Arts, I'm excited that there is only one week to go until the 2015 Gig-Arts Awards. We look forward to continuing this celebration of creative social entrepreneurship and recognising the outstanding achievements of our shortlist this year.

Today also marks the countdown to the 30th November 2015 Special Gig-Arts Event in Carterton, Oxfordshire, highlighting the passion of our commitment to working with creative young people with special needs. We remember that small changes make a big difference, especially at this time of year, and we're excited about the impact and outreach that our activities will have across Oxfordshire.

This month I have also been planning a series of new video blogs which will be launched on You Tube in December. There's much to look forward to!